Who are we and how did we start?

Meet the team!

Motor Rental Morocco is founded by a passionate motorcyclist who uses his experiences to let other motorcyclists experience an amazing motorcycle trip. The priority of Motor Rental Morocco is making sure you experience a trip of high quality and good service. That is why we only rent new and trustworthy motorcycles.
At Motor Rental Morocco we also organize motorcycle vacations for groups. As we have the needed experience, you will see the most beautiful routes on the best allroad motorcycles. You will stay in luxury accomodations where there will be oppertunities to taste the delicious local food. You can expect this when u decide to come with us on a great adventure in the fascinating landscapes of Morocco.

The owner

Nahil Rachida

My name is Rachida Nahil. I am living in Casablanca. After years of teaching as a French teacher and working in tourism, I decided to start a motor rental Morocco company to let motorbike travelers explore Morocco in an adventurous way.

The logistics hero!


My name is Mohsin, I am 45 years old and I live in Casablanca. I have years of experience as a mechanic and am currently working within my own taxi company. I have driven a number of tours with Aziz and can say that the virus has caught me. I am responsible for the logistic support for the group and the technical part. The participants can also contact me individually for guidance to shops or the hairdresser or any other message.

The guide

Aziz Nahil

My name is Aziz Nahil, I was born  in Casablanca and I live in the Netherlands. Motorcycle have always had my interest and in the end I decided in 2004 to get my motorcycle license. I have since toured throughout Europe and Africa both in groups and alone and with my partner. After having accompanied a number of tours, I want to share with you all the beauty that Morocco has to.