We will sleep at a different location everyday. The accomodations where we will be sleeping are hotels or a Bed and Breakfast. Some of the accomodations have swimming pools and some of them have an unforgettable view.
Depending on the accomodation, we will sleep in rooms with two or more people and have acces to a private bathroom. In other accomodations, we will have to share the bathrooms.
The accomodations will be determined by the type of vacation you will choose (the length of the route).


Breakdown and accidents

In case there will be an accident, you will be insured by your own travel insurance. Damage to the motorcycles caused by the accident are charged to the motorcyclist, unless the damage is covered by the insurance of the person that caused the accident. The motorcycles are insured for the damage done to third parties.


When we pick up our rental motorcycle, a deposit needs to be paid. Depending on the type of motorcycle, this will be around 800 euros. After the trip, you will get this deposit back unless you damaged your motorcycle. The money needed for repairement will be deducted from your deposit.

The Italian SWM SuperDual 650 X is an allroad motorcycle for people who really love adventure.


It is unfortunately not possible on this trip to ride with a passenger on your motorcycle. However, there will be space in the car for a passenger. Ask for the price.


You can read and download our Terms and Conditions here.


You can check and download our rental regulations, terms of use, here.


Morocco does not have a visa requirement for persons from the E.U. However, your passport has to valid for at least another three months.
An identity card is not suffisient. You will need to be in possession of a passport. Make sure you have one on time!

Crossing boots

We want to emphasize the importance of crossing boots. Crossing boots are firmer constructed than regular motorcycle boots. This is essential when you make turns to you stick out your leg when your wheel is slipping away so you are able to receive your motorcycle.

Protective clothes

Good, protective motorcycling clothes are necessary, because of the hard ground on the snow slopes. Make sure at least your knees, hips, back, elbows and shoulders are protected. In some cases a bodyprotector with a shirt are enough because of the heat.

Being well prepared is important for traveling in Morocco. Some good off-road experience will also come in handy. As mentioned above, good clothes are essential for sure.

Weather and climate

The weather in Morocco varies a lot. The winters vary. During the day, the temperature will be around 20 degrees if the sun is shining. Up in the mountains it will get a bit more chilly. When the sun goes down in the evening, it will get colder fastly. Once in a while it will rain, so it is good to take this into account when you pack your motorcycle clothes.
The best months to go on a motorcycle trip in Morocco are from mid-March to May and October to November. The temperature will then be around 20 to 28 degrees.